Monday, September 12, 2011

wee grub: 40 weeks

nothing yet.

not much
left to do
but wait
at this point.

at 40 weeks
they estimated
the size
of wee grub
at 3.73 kg
(~8.2 lbs)!
an average
baby size
but it
feels big to me.
grub was 7.8 lbs
i was 7.4 lbs
so wee grub
may weigh in
bigger than
both of us.
i blame it on
grub's great
he kept
wee grub
well fed this
whole pregnancy.

for all
the emails...
it's nice to
feel loved...
it's very strange
to have so many
people waiting
for something
to happen to you
you have
no control over...

i promise
that once
wee grub
to make
an appearance
we will
let you
all know
as soon
as possible.

more soon...



  1. Argh!! There's so much for him/her to see out here....!!!
    Tanya D

  2. beautiful belly,
    beautiful weather,
    and how good to see your mom with you!
    try to enjoy the 'silence before the storm'...
    (literally translated Dutch expression)

  3. Thanks for the update! As long as you are not too uncomfortable, I won't (mentally) pressure wee grub to move any faster than wee grub is ready to move. Great things come in late packages! ...because that extra time means nothing was scrimped in the preparation and artful presentation. Maybe wee grub just thought there should be a few more beautiful blog posts and pictures of wee grub's belly-riding european adventure.

    love you all!

  4. Wow, 8.2 lbs, well done! Don't worry about stringing us along, it is nice to have extra happy excitement in our lives. Was wondering what Monday's update would bring :) And OMG, I can see your belly button in both pictures. Good luck with the waiting.

  5. oh these series of photos are brilliant - soon you will be wondering what you were waiting for because it will feel like wee grub has always been in your life. xooxox

  6. So very close and I'm very happy for you and John. Thanks for updating as you do.

  7. You look marvelous! I hope Oma gets her baby soon. xox

  8. Thank you so much for the updates. I love the pictures. Just know that we are thinking of you, grub, wee grub and oma. April

  9. hang in there.
    your mom must be trying all kinds of wishing spells !!

  10. wee grub will arrive at just the right time. juliette arrived one day short of 43 weeks, weighing in at 7 lbs 14 oz. you will do great. positive thoughts coming your way! and don't be in too much of a hurry to blog after wg is born. those early weeks should be dedicated to bonding with wg and getting as much rest as possible. no pressure...


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