Thursday, September 8, 2011

due date!

dear wee grub,

today is
your due date.
i didn't think
that i would
make it
to this date
without you making
an early entrance
(my mother was
early for all of us)
but here
i am.

i am anxious.
i am not
really in a rush
for you to arrive
because i know
it's up to you...
this is the point
where i relinquish
any control
of my schedule
to you...

i am a little
not so much
of the pain
but the unknown.
of what is to come.
labor and birth
and you...
it's not
i can really

your oma
is here
and waiting
for you to arrive.
i think
she is a little
she wants to spend
as much time
with you
as she can...
so don't be
too late

not sure
how grub feels...
he'll have
to tell you
about that...
but usually
we feel the same
way about
such things.

good luck in there...
i know it's
gonna be
just as tough
a journey.
for you
as it will be
for me.

see you on
the outside.

your mom


  1. Ah!! "your mom" - how awesome/weird does that feel?!

  2. hopefully you won't have to wait much longer !!!!! thinking of you lots ... can't wait to see wee grub !

  3. Aww! Your brought tears to my eyes. Hang in there Gwen. Thinking of you!

  4. In one of my favorite movies, "Apollo 13," there' a scene where, after hours of scrambling to salvage the craft an the lives of the crew, the crew is about to enter a lunar orbit, the fulcrum of a path plotted by the minds of Mission Control that will (hopefully) slingshot them around the moon and on a trajectory that will steer them back to Earth. As they approach the dark side of the moon where they will lose radio contact with Earth, the pilot, Jack Swigert says, "so long, Earth, catch you on the flip side."
    I don't know if he actually said that in reality or if that was the creation of the screenwriter, but it strikes me that your own journey is similar in a way--you can read about it, get advice from people who have been there, but nothing can prepare you for the solitude of entering that tunnel yourself, no matter how many people are there with you. And when you (and the baby, literally) emerge, you are a different person.
    Good luck on the journey.

  5. I just cried. Love you all very much.

  6. everything will be fine! you are already an awesome mama. can't wait to see pictures of your little creature :) xox

  7. I am checking this blog three times a day! Thinking of you all and wishing you the best.


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