Wednesday, September 7, 2011

wee grub: 39 weeks

the suitcase is packed
(that's wee grub's
orange tiger suitcase
from his aunt suzy)...

the celebratory whiskey
is ready to be opened...
the celebratory cuban cigar
is ready to be lit...

all the baby clothes
are cleaned,
a put away...


oma is here!

and now
we wait...

nothing yet.
we are all
but anxious.




  1. Yes---anxious and waiting up here in AK, too! Thinking of you, Grub and Wee Grub everyday. Best of luck!

  2. Ein päckchen für Wee Grub (und Mama!) wurde Dienstag abgeschickt. Ich hoffe es kommt zu spät damit du nicht so lang auf Wee Grub warten musst. Ich liebe deine organization in seinem/ihrer Zimmer! I think I now need a label maker! One tip - we opted early on to store his clothes rolled up in the drawers so we can see everything at one. So the rolls sit vertically like sushi. To keep little sections from falling over, we went with these soft boxes from Ikea:

  3. Jonah was over a week late! The waiting is wierd, like being at the airport when your flight is delayed indefinitely. Visit the gift shop! read pulpy fiction! have an iced tea and a walk. Excuse the narrative, I just like to imagine I'm there with you. At least you have cute maternity dresses.

  4. I love all the serene and still pictures of the wee grub spaces. Can't wait to see how they change with a squirming, gurgling, burping wee grub on the scene. It is amazing how much of an impact such a small being can have. :)

  5. Yay! Hoping these next days and weeks are just super awesome and perfect.

    Labeling the clothes drawers is a GREAT idea -- I found it most helpful when other people offered, gorgeously, to do the laundry!!


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