Wednesday, August 3, 2011

weegrub: 34 weeks

each week
i find myself
with less
and less
to say.
as the weeks
until the due date
are fewer and fewer
grub and i
try to absorb
the reality
of wee grub
making his/her
entrance into
our world.

as we listen
to our midwife
tell us the details
of birth
i go
to yoga sessions
and practice
it's no more
real to us
then it was
a week ago
or a month ago.

we find ourselves
each other
of what changes
are to come.
for example,
the other day
as we sat
on the balcony
quietly eating
and chatting
as the sun set,
grub said,
soon we won't
have this quiet time

almost more
to himself
than to me.

. . . . .

this week
we went to
a MEGA baby store
to look for
some sort
of bassinet
for by our bed.
we were overwhelmed
with how much
everything costs,
all the stuff
you are convinced
you need to buy,
all the parents
filling their carts
with all
these accessories
they hope will make
the transition
to parenthood
all i knew was
i wanted
out of there
as soon as possible.
after some debate
we settled on
stokke daybed:

i am a bit
i am painfully aware
that they market
this line
to people like
grub & i...
as shown in
this lovely advert
of mom working
on her mac
as she watches
the baby:

oh well.
i couldn't take
all the
pink and blue
i had

c'est tout.



  1. It is always a shock to go shopping at big, 'regular' stores after always thrifting. A bad shock.
    Big changes are never real......until they're real.
    Thinking about you every day!

  2. hopefully wee grub will like the bassinet?
    F hated the one that was hand me downed to us.
    if that's the case - look into hammocks. [there was one on poppytalk that was adorable and manufactured in europe !]

    also - i would suggest the ergo insert for newborns for that carrier i gave you. that way you can carry the wee grub around while you do stuff like dishes. in the first 6 weeks there's lots of sleeping and they like nestling with you [or for way longer if you are F]

    yes. the big stores are horrid.

  3. Bugheart, you look great! and yes, you and Grub are certainly in for some big changes, but sounds like you'll be trading one kind of joy for another.

  4. It is very understandable that you wanted out of the store as quickly as can be. It looks like you made a lovely choice and perhaps the memories of the store and ad will be forgotten soon enough. I know I've said it before, but it's awfully nice to hear of your journey of motherhood.

  5. love the purple+orange outfit! i kinda wish we could get stokke things here (at the thrift store).

  6. i hate babies r us with their stupid backwards r. haven't been there since right before the birth. and i second your distaste for gendered clothing and items. it's harder in the u.s. i actually ended up using most of the icky pink clothes we were given because i needed baby clothes and we're pretty broke. but i am now happy to be buying most of her clothes myself, and have become an expert bargain hunter. i was happy to donate all the icky pink to charities and friends who appreciate such stuff. i think i mainly buy clothes that are supposed to be for boys because they are green or blue or orange and stuff.

    you also don't need a lot of stuff. buy/borrow stuff as you go along. it's hard to predict what will work for your wee grub. a sling, moby wrap, or beco gemini carrier (we have all 3; the moby and the beco have been the most helpful since they really adapt to different height, weight, and developmental stages) are the best things to own, since you can cook and do stuff while soothing your baby, keeping him/her close and thus stimulating your own milk production, and keeping him engaged and curious. We consider the carriers to be our most important baby item that we use each and every day in multiple situations.

    you will be able to have peaceful meals again. once we started giving juliette pieces of food (we skipped purees and cereal) at nearly 8 months, so she could play and practice learning to eat in her booster seat next to us at the table (The Baby-Led Weaning Cookbook is great), we can actually have somewhat peaceful meals since she keeps herself and us entertained.



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