Wednesday, July 20, 2011

32 weeks

the countdown
8 weeks
to go.

i was just
my colleague
wee grub)
she/he is not
to be early.
or at least
has to wait
my mom arrives
on the
4th of september!

this past week
wee grub
has been
growing fast
and my belly
feels stretched
beyond its limits.
i often have
to rub my belly
a foot, butt,
or hand
is pressed
hard against
my belly.
it's uncomfortable
but also
really cool.

it's strange
to think that
i am growing
this baby inside
but when
she/he comes
out i will have
to get to know
the same way
grub will...
i have no advantage
because i carried
wee grub...
she/he will still
be a stranger to us
at first
with a personality
that slowly unfolds.

i had
a brief ultrasound
on thursday
to check
wee grub's growth:

wee grub: 32 weeks & 2 kg
{click to enlarge}

she/he weighed in
at 2050 grams
or 4.5 lbs!
just average-
not too big,
not too small.

on monday
i went
the cute little
town nearby-

{not my photo!
photo from here}

among vineyards
the lake
for my
yoga class.
i learned
all about
my cervix
and exercises
to try
to open it up
just a bit
so wee grub
can get out
with the least
resistance possible.
my teacher was great
and even had
a reproduction
skeletal pelvis
to show me
different parts
and what i was
trying to move
and stretch.
it reminded me
of when i taught
human evolution
& bipedality
i will go to her
every week for the next
5 weeks...
grub will join me
the last week
to learn some ways
he can help me
during labor.

this sunday
we will meet
our new midwife.
i had another
but she was not
right for me
so i decided
to go with someone new.
she works at the hospital
where i will deliver
so if my luck is with me
i may have her
as my midwife for
(fingers crossed)
because you get
whomever is
on duty.

i am starting
to feel
a little
more prepared.

this weekend
we are off
to ikea
to buy a crib
and some baby stuff
our bed
dining room table


32 weeks: & 8 to go


  1. It's a strange thing to me now looking at pictures of my baby next to pictures of me while I was pregnant and realizing that he was the same guy even then!

  2. I started following bugheart at the recommendation of a friend, and have been following weegrub too. I'm a knitter and would be thrilled to knit you guys some stylish baby garb. I love your taste! And I'm a fellow expat, too (getting ready to leave for a uni job in Hungary). Shoot me an email if you're interested: dianna at

  3. hey! i had baby j naturally at the hospital (no chemical or medical interventions). i did prenatal yoga and lots of daily exercises and baby j was born with just 3 hours of labor. it could be called the fastest or the longest labor because i was 4 cm dilated 5 weeks before she was born, so we thought she would arrive early at week 37, but she took her sweet old time and arrived at the end of week 42, the day before the doc said i would have to be induced if she did not show up yet. do you want to skype? i would be happy to talk to you. i think you are going to have an amazing experience! bises, danielle

  4. I was just thinking about you and looked you up. Congratulations! You probably don't remember me, but I am so glad to see you are doing so well (and growing).
    Enjoy your new place, and your new baby!
    the cable doc :-)

  5. hey.
    you will have an advantage. you'll see. you'll be linked in a way that grub can not be. you'll feel/know things in your body.
    i STILL wake up 5-10 minutes before F does every morning.
    and breastfeeding. :)

    but yes. you will both have to get to know wee grub. can't wait to see what he/she is like !


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